Vets For Child Rescue

Veterans For Child Rescue was founded in April of 2017. V4CR is dedicated to raising awareness about the epidemic of child rape trafficking right here in the United States, exposing this fastest growing criminal enterprise on earth  and putting predators behind bars.

Our mission is three fold:

• Nationwide alert: Provide nationwide attention to the prevalence of child rape trafficking that is rampant in all 50 states. We do this through traditional media, social media and our Nationwide Volunteer program.

• Arrest child predators: An investigative team uses their military and law enforcement experience to run operations in conjunction with local/federal law enforcement and district attorneys to arrest predators that prey on children and to ensure that they will see the cases through to conviction.

• Protect our children: The V4CR Nationwide Volunteer program provides educational outreach programs to arm citizens with the necessary tools to protect their children and maintain safe communities.

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