WE’RE BACK!!!!!!

Without warning, Shopify terminated our account. They hide behind these policies that they arbitrarily enforce and their discretion is far too broad and discriminating. To operate in America, policies in ones company should align to some extent with our Constitution. Whether anyone realizes it or not, each and every design we make are literal hand drawn pieces of ART. We do many by request, allowing not only for our own personal expression, but the expression of our fans and supporters as well.

Many of the messages that we promote are uncomfortable for some- those that bring awareness to Veteran Suicide, Veteran Homelessness, Human Trafficking and Child Rape- Not conspiracy theories, but actual problems going on that from which some choose to look away.

Well we don’t, and we won’t be silenced.

At the end of the day Shopify is $15 billon dollar a year publicly traded Canadian company, that won’t respond to us at all.

We appreciate the many calls, messages, texts, emails and comments- we see them all and they really do mean a lot to our team.

To the haters that lay in the weeds, a quote that was shared with me yesterday calls you out directly: “You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you, you will only be criticized by someone doing less”.

Semper Fidelis, we aren’t done yet 🇺🇸

~PatchOps Actual