BADASS AMERICAN SERIES- Marine Corps Legends: John “Manila” Basilone

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On October 24 and 25, 1942, at Lunga Ridge battle of Guadalcanal, then Sgt John “Manila” Basilone (1st BN, 7th Marines, 1st MAR DIV) and his men were exhausted from fighting off Japanese human wave assaults at their main line of defense. At about midnight hundreds of screaming Japanese rushed his line of defense but he held steadfast. He repeatedly repaired guns, changed barrels and kept rounds down range pouring hot led into the enemy. Bodies piled so high in front of his weapons pits they had to reset so the barrels could fire over the piles of corpses.
Ignoring his personal safety, Basilone decides to reposition his heavy machine gun. Grabbing the exceedingly hot weapon, which weighs about 90 pounds and personally manning it and holding the line.
The grenade-throwing Japanese continue to charge the machine gunners’ positions. When they overrun one of the guns, Basilone goes after them – by himself – armed with a Colt .45 and a machete. He raced for the breach in the line where he surprised and killed 8 Japanese. At least 38 dead Japanese were credited to Sgt Basilone, many were killed with his Colt .45 at almost arm’s length. GySgt John “Manila” Basilone you are one bad ass Marine. #Marines #MarineCorps #USMC #motivation #SemperFi #MarineLife #MOH #MedalofHonor #Valor #ValorGrinds

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