FUNDRAISER: Butterfly Warrior Marky Jaquez PVC Patch

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3.5″ multidimensional pvc, with velcro style hooks sewn on the back, includes matching adhesive loop piece

Through our friend Kat, we learned of Marky and spent a few hours watching his videos with tears in our eyes.   He’s not only a true WARRIOR, but a powerful inspiration of Faith in God, Family, and perseverance.     He touched our family personally, and we want to do what we can to help and raise awareness for Marky, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) and his family.    We spoke to his mom Melissa, and her positivity reverberated with every word.   This family is kind, humble, and exactly what we need more of in this world.
This one means alot to us, so please consider joining #TeamMarky with this patch.   We all need to hear his story, and see just what in means to be #MarkyStrong, read directly from the Go Fund Me:
Fundraiser by John Laub : Markys Fund (gofundme.com)
“Meet my amazing friend Marky Jaquez!  Before you  read the rest of this I need you to know that I have never met another human being with as much faith, love and passion for Jesus Christ as Marky does and he is a testimony of the strength God has put in all of us!  The pain Marky endures daily is outmatched by his hope and trust in Jesus.   Marky says that he knows God has a brand new body waiting for him in Heaven!
You see, Marky “the rock” Jaquez has a horrific, debilitating disease called epidermolysis bullosa otherwise known as (Baby Butterfly) because his skin is as fragile as a butterfly wing.  This disease is described in being, “the worst disease that no one knows about.”  Marky has the very worst form of this disease.  He faces this disease every day with  remarkable faith and a smile on his face.  The doctors determined that he would live to about 14 years  old but we just celebrated his 18th Birthday!!  God had much different plans for Marky than his doctors did.  I sat with Marky during a daily bandage re-wrap and cleaning as he was in excruciating pain with the bleach wraps and it was devastating to watch and sit with him.  WHEN IT WAS OVER, HE SAID JESUS GIVES HIM STRENGTH TO ENDURE THE PAIN.   He is also the only person in Kansas with this disease and the care for him only comes with the attention his parents can give.  He has an amazing support with his friends, family, Pastor, and community but his body needs his mothers full time care.
Mark and Melissa are amazing parents and have lost their middle child to this horrific disease.  Their testimony is so strong and inspiring!  Their goal is simple; it’s to care for their baby boy, bring awareness to this disease so a cure can be found, and to show the devil that nothing can stand to the glory of God!”

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